Have you been forced to switch your medication?

As of October 1, 2013, the maximum reimbursement allowed by the Medical Insurance Public Regime of Quebec for PPIs is capped at 0.55$ per tablet. As many as 200,000 patients who suffer from severe heartburn (GERD) could face a medication substitution in order to avoid having to pay the higher cost for their original, physician-prescribed medication. Most other provinces are not forcing patients into this situation.

The GI Society is concerned that some patients whose symptoms were once well-managed by their original PPI could experience a return of GERD symptoms or additional side effects, possibly resulting in increased personal costs, physician visits, and diagnostic testing.

The aim of this questionnaire is to hear directly from patients in Quebec who have had to switch from their original PPI medication due to these recent policy changes and wish to share any resulting consequences. We will use this information in aggregate in our patient advocacy activities.

The GI Society is a trusted, long-standing, national charity supporting patients in their quest for better digestive and liver health. We recognize the important role that patients must play in shaping a better system.

This questionnaire offers patients the opportunity to express their concerns and suggestions freely to government decision-makers and others in this area, through the GI Society’s position as a representative of the patient’s voice. We will submit your feedback to the appropriate government bodies, ensuring that government leaders in this area include your experiences and opinions in their considerations around PPI medication coverage.

NOTE: If you would prefer to talk to us directly about your experience instead of completing this survey, please use our contact us page to get in touch.

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