Donate and we will send thanks to those who’ve helped you the most!

Over the past 40+ years we have received letters, phone calls, and emails from Canadians telling us how much they appreciate members of their health care team, including family doctors, gastroenterologists, GI nurses, pharmacists, lab technicians, dietitians, those who run infusion clinics, and some very amazing caregivers.

Thanks-A-Gut-Zillion gives you an opportunity to say thank you in a tangible way while also supporting the GI Society’s mission. You will receive a tax receipt for your donation, and we will send the person who you want to thank a special Thanks-A-Gut-Zillion card letting them know you have donated to the Society in their name (we don’t tell them the donation amount) as your way of thanking them for helping to guide you through the trials of your gastrointestinal illness.

Make a Thanks-A-Gut-Zillion donation today by filling in the form below or calling the GI Society office at 1-866-600-4875.