March is Nutrition Month

Nutrition Month originated in the late 1970s, when a group of dietitians decided it was time to have a dedicated part of the year to spread awareness of healthy diets and focus on the importance of eating well. The Canadian Dietetic Association (now Dietitians of Canada) caught on to the idea, and spread it into a national event. It started as Nutrition Week, but by the late 1980s, Nutrition Month officially began.

Each year, Dietitians of Canada comes up with a new theme for Nutrition Month, based off important food trends and the general nutrition environment of the time.

At the Gastrointestinal Society, we are committed to improving the lives of those who struggle with gastrointestinal and liver diseases and disorders. Having these illnesses can make it a struggle to maintain a healthy diet, so every March we try to share resources that make it easier to get information on nutrition and how it pertains to gut health.

We encourage you to seek a medical professional, especially a Canadian Dietitian (Nutritionists are not the same – read more about the differences here: Dietitian or Nutritionist?) to help you develop the best nutrition plan for your health.

Nutrition and Digestive Illness Articles has many helpful articles on nutrition and your gut written or reviewed by health care professionals. View the list below to find information on nutrition and digestive diseases and disorders:

Other Helpful Nutrition Sites

Dietitians of Canada

Dietitians of Canada is the nation-wide voice of dietitians and a trusted source of information on food and nutrition for Canadians. If you are looking to find a dietitian in your area, then this website can help!

HealthLink BC Dietitian Service

This is a great resource for food and nutrition issues, just dial 8-1-1 from anywhere in BC.

EatRight Ontario

EatRight Ontario is a provincially funded service designed to help Ontarians improve their health and quality of life through healthy, nutritious eating. Toll Free in Ontario only 1-877-510-5102

Canada’s Food Guide

Health Canada’s food guide comes in several languages and formats. Check them out to get a refresher on the basics of how much of each type of food you should be eating and what physical activity you need each day.