ibdunmasked1Recognizing the heroic journey of people living with IBD

We are proud to support the Canadian launch of IBD Unmasked, a first-of-its kind global awareness initiative developed though a unique collaboration between Takeda and the creative geniuses at Marvel Custom Solutions to support and empower the Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) community.


This unique initiative was designed to highlight both the daily battles and the remarkable strength of the unsung Super Heroes of the IBD community by highlighting the physical and emotional challenges of IBD, and providing support and information for the patient community. Canada’s own Chantel Wicks is a contributor and shared her real life experiences so the program is truly reflective of what IBD patients go through.


Visit www.IBDunmasked.com to create and share your own Super Hero avatar, take part in quizzes and download tips to help talk to your doctor, family or friends about IBD.

Read more about IBD Unmasked here.