Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the survival of Canadian charities is at risk. This is why the Gastrointestinal Society has joined 150 of Canada’s leading charities to call on the Federal Government for emergency support.

Charities are a vital part of the Canadian economy, contributing more than 8% of Canada’s GDP ($162 billion in 2017) and employing more than 10% (1.4 million) of working Canadians. Many individuals and communities across the nation rely on the varied services offered by charities, but the COVID-19 crisis and the resulting economic fallout is threatening to destroy our charitable sector. Without immediate support from the Government of Canada, most Canadian charities will be forced to lay off substantial numbers of employees, will no longer be able to support vulnerable communities, and many will face a significant likelihood of total and permanent closure. Charities are particularly vulnerable to the COVID-19 crisis because we rely on donations, business support, and government investments to survive. All of these revenue sources have been disrupted and are under threat.

Given these circumstances, we are reaching out to the Federal Government to request that charities receive the support we need to continue operating in this time of turmoil. To learn more about what we are requesting, read the letter that we sent to the Federal Government.