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While many individuals enjoy the experience of a hot cup of coffee, a person living with a gastrointestinal (GI) condition might have unpleasant side effects from the beverage. Caffeine and other compounds found in coffee might irritate the intestinal lining and stimulate intestinal contractions leading to diarrhea in individuals with inflammatory bowel disease and irritable bowel syndrome, and might exacerbate upper GI symptoms in those with GERD and dyspepsia.

Ayurvedic [ī-ər-ˈvā -dik]Roast is a gut-friendly organic alternative to coffee. It contains roasted barley, chicory root, and rye to simulate traditional coffee aromas and flavours, and a unique blend of traditional ayurvedic herbs: ashwagandha, shatavari, and brahmi. It is caffeine-free and might be easier for those with compromised GI tracts to tolerate; however, due to the gluten content of barley and rye, this beverage is not suitable for individuals with celiac disease.

We tested both their unflavoured and French vanilla versions at the GI Society head office, and found that Ayurvedic Roast offers a similar sensory experience to coffee with its pleasant, rich, roasted flavour. You can brew it the way you usually brew your coffee or you can steep as you would tea. To learn more, visit

First published in the Inside Tract® newsletter issue 190 – 2014
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