Product Review

Non-Chemical Aromatherapy Spray


Photo: © Poo~Pourri®

Poo~Pourri® is the before-you-go® toilet spray taking over North America with its hilarious viral videos featuring a straitlaced and distinguished redhead who has many hysterical catch phrases for poop and how to deal with the ‘scandal left behind’.

Yes, it’s a real product, but how does it work to mask the smell of life’s stinky moments? Poo~Pourri® is a non-chemical aromatherapy spray. It uses a proprietary blend of essential oils and other natural compounds, which work by forming a protective film on the surface of the toilet bowl water, trapping odours below after you complete your business and ‘file the paperwork’, as their tongue-in-cheek advertisements tell us.

For many, living with a gastrointestinal condition means more than the average number of bathroom trips and stronger poop smells. This can be a taboo topic of conversation and a bit embarrassing. Like the Gastrointestinal Society’s BadGut® brand, Poo~Pourri® aims to make it something everyone can talk about with a giggle. Living with a chronic disease is challenging enough without having to worry about the social stigma that accompanies bathroom odours.

We tested Poo~Pourri® to see if it lives up to its claims and we can attest to its slogan: “Our business is to make it smell like your business never even happened.” It leaves your bathroom smelling lovely, without any of the strong artificial smells that most commercial air fresheners leave behind. Poo~Pourri® is available in many different scents with clever names like Trap a Crap and Deja Poo. There are even products that turn the toilet water pink or blue to make it extra fun for kids. We particularly enjoyed the invigorating fresh citrus scent of their original formula. You can keep bottles of Poo~Pourri® in your bathroom for your guests or take it with you wherever you go by purchasing a convenient travel size.

To watch the viral videos Girls Don’t Poop and Second Hand Stink, or to purchase their products, visit

First published in the Inside Tract® newsletter issue 190
Note: The GI Society has received no remuneration from Poo~Pourri® or its affiliates for this review.