The Gastrointestinal Society is looking for details of Canadian patients’ experiences with ulcerative colitis (UC). We will use this information in aggregate in our patient advocacy activities, including patient group submissions for drug coverage, public awareness campaigns, and other relevant initiatives. The GI Society is a trusted, long-standing, national charity supporting patients in their quest for better digestive and liver health.


The GI Society recognizes the important role that patients must play in shaping a better system and that their experiences must be the cornerstone for the creation of any new standard. This questionnaire offers patients the opportunity to express their concerns and suggestions freely to government decision-makers and others in this area, through the GI Society’s position as a representative of the patient’s voice.

If you have specific knowledge of (or experience with) Humira®, Remicade®, or Simponi®, (biologic medications for UC), we encourage you to also complete Section 4. As with the previous areas of the questionnaire, we will submit your feedback to the appropriate government bodies, ensuring that government leaders in this area include your experiences and opinions in their considerations around medication coverage.