To determine if foods can be included in the diet for celiac disease, it is best to read all labels on questionable foods.

The following are some general guidelines for foods that are allowed on this diet.

The Canadian Celiac Association has suitable resources for more detailed information, such as “Eat Well – Be Well: A Guide to Gluten-free Manufacturer’s Products”.

Many specialized gluten-free products are available at most grocery stores and can be purchased from Liv-N-Well Distributors Ltd. at their toll-free worldwide order number: 1-877-270-8479.


Food Type


Not Allowed

Breads & Cereals

Bread products made from: rice, corn flour, cornstarch, cornmeal, arrowroot, pea flour, soy, potato, tapioca, sago, buckwheat, millet, quinoa, whole-bean flour, and possibly oats (check with your doctor)
Cereals such as puffed rice, puffed corn, puffed millet, rice flakes, hominy, quinoa flakes
Pastas made with the above ingredients, corn tortillas, corn tacos, some rice cakes (check label)
Bread products made from: wheat, rye, barley, triticale, gluten flour, graham flour, durum flour, bulgur, farina, semolina (wheat-based), spelt, kamut, and baked goods made with ingredients not allowed
Cereals made from the above ingredients or made with malt flavouring
Pastas/tortillas/tacos made with wheat or any of the above ingredients

Fruits & Vegetables

Fresh, frozen, and canned fruits and juices
Fresh, frozen, canned and dried vegetables
Fruit pie fillings, some dried fruits
Vegetables in a batter, French fries with coating, scalloped potatoes made with wheat

Milk & Dairy Products

Milk, plain yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese, buttermilk, cream, cream cheese, some ice cream (check label) Malted milk, some flavoured milk drinks and yogurt; ice creams and puddings made with foods not allowed; some custard powders

Meat & Alternatives

Fresh, frozen, canned, and smoked meats, poultry, fish and eggs Lentils, dried beans and peas, tofu, nuts and seeds Many luncheon and prepared meats (ham, bacon, sausages, pate, bologna, wieners, etc.), especially if they contain meat extenders; fish canned in broth with HVP (hydrolysed vegetable protein) or HPP (hydrolysed plant protein); some egg substitutes and dried eggs
Some baked beans, some peanut butters


Soups: gluten-free broths, soups made with foods allowed
Beverages: tea, coffee, soft drinks, distilled alcoholic beverages (e.g. rum, gin, etc.), wines, cider
Condiments: relish, ketchup, mustard, pure herbs and spices, vinegar, gluten-free soy sauce, most pickles
Fats: Margarine, butter, vegetable oils, shortening, lard, salad dressings from allowed ingredients
Soups made with HVP/HPP, some canned soups and bouillon cubes
Beverages: Beer, malted beverages, some coffee substitutes, some chocolate drink mixes
Condiments: Soy sauce, some mixed spices (e.g. curry powder, chilli powder), and MSG
Fats: Suet, wheat germ oil


Mary Flesher, Clinical Dietitian Richmond Hospital
First published in the Inside Tract® newsletter issue 129 – January/February 2002