A medical centre in Vancouver, Connect Health, offers a new way to receive health care: group medical visits covered by the Provincial Medical Services Plan. With this type of consultation, multiple individuals with the same health ailment can see the same physician at one time. This idea could drastically reduce wait times, since this approach uses fewer appointment slots for the same amount of people, similar to how if everyone car-pooled during rush hour rather than driving alone, traffic would be much lighter. There are even more benefits to this method; patients can meet other individuals going through the same things and learn more about their disease or disorder because there will be more patients asking questions. However, very private individuals may find this sort of doctor visit uncomfortable. If other medical professionals get on board with this system, we could soon find the wait time problem outdated.

You can find out more about Connect Health’s group medical visits at www.connecthealthcare.ca.

First published in the Inside Tract® newsletter issue 184 – 2012